Leading 5 Used Vehicles In 2017

When people first get their driver’s license, they immediately start looking at cars for sale. Finding the right car can be a little difficult, especially when someone has little to no mechanical experience. There are several great choices available, especially if drivers are open to a new or used vehicle.

When it comes to making the choice between buying a new car or a used one, first time drivers need to consider various factors:

Initial Price

First time car buyers are usually only concerned about the money they pay right away. Used cars are cheaper than brand new models, but drivers can expect to see more maintenance costs in the future. For drivers with a budget of less than $10,000, getting a used car is a practical investment. They will be able to find a gently used vehicle and be able to afford any immediate repairs needed to get it road worthy.

Gas Mileage

Both new and used vehicles have excellent gas mileage. The actual mileage a person gets can vary based on the age of the car, but it mostly comes down to make and model. A tiny car is almost always going to get better mileage than an SUV. If a driver falls in love with a certain style of car, try looking at models from each year and comparing mileage. While vehicles try to improve their MPG over time, some older models can be surprisingly efficient.

Ongoing Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, newer models are always going to be easier to care for. People can expect to be making repairs at any time when they purchase a used vehicle. Some of these repairs can be as expensive as the vehicle themselves. For example, replacing a transmission or engine on an older vehicle can cost over $1,000. Newer vehicles don’t usually have these problems until much later. In fact, many of them have a manufacturer’s warranty.


Used cars tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to appearance. People like to picture old, run down vehicles. The truth is that most used cars are cleaned up and look similar to new models. People purchasing a used check over here vehicle from a dealership can rest assured visit knowing they are still getting a stylish, attractive car.

Car buying in Antioch isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Many people get stuck between buying a used or new vehicle. For first time car buyers, used cars are cheaper, but newer models are much easier to maintain. Talk to a dealership today about the best used or new vehicles.

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